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c# - Convert datatype 'long' to byte array - Stack Overflow
Aug 26, 2011 . I have to convert values (double/float in C#) to bytes and need some help. . which means -999,99 -- 999,99 it will only take 2 byte space.

formatting - How to convert byte size into human readable format in ...
How to convert byte size into human-readable format in Java? . SI BINARY 0: 0 B 0 B 27: 27 B 27 B 999: 999 B 999 B 1000: 1.0 kB 1000 B .

TO_CHAR (number)
TO_CHAR (number) converts n to a value of VARCHAR2 datatype, using the optional number format fmt . . They must be different single-byte characters. . SELECT TO_CHAR(-10000,'L99G999D99MI') "Amount" FROM DUAL; Amount .

Convert.ToString Method (Int16, Int32) (System)
Converts the value of a 16-bit signed integer to its equivalent String representation in a . ToString Method (Byte, IFormatProvider) . MinValue, -100, 999, short.

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COBOL Computational Fields - Data conversion services
If it's stored in a base ten format it needs to be converted to binary before . So a PIC 9 or PIC 99 would require 1 byte, but a PIC 999 would require 2 bytes.


convert 999 to bytes amazing web site of Shakespeare's sonnets

Binary Format
A length of 4 is assigned to a 2-byte binary field; a length of 9 is assigned to a 4- byte . decimal value that can be assigned to a 4-byte binary field is 999 999 999. . Because a 2-byte field in binary format is converted by the compiler to a .

8.13 Data type conversion - OpenEuphoria: Euphoria v4.0
. function int_to_bytes(atom x). Converts an atom that represents an integer to a sequence of 4 bytes. . Example 1: s = int_to_bytes(999) -- s is {231, 3, 0, 0} .

Convert MB to GB - Conversion of Measurement Units
Quickly convert megabytes into gigabytes (MB to GB) using the online calculator for . 1 byte is equal to 9.53674316406E-7 MB, or 9.31322574615E-10 GB.

MySQL Bugs: #4541: "Specified key was too long; max key length is ...
Jul 13, 2004 . "making the calculation not based on bytes" will only result on error . You might be able to work aroud this limitation if you convert the . Refusing a string of 999 characters into a VARCHAR(1000) is a critical bug IMHO.

Droeshout engraving Droeshout engraving

Shakespeare. Droeshout engraving. Shakespeare. Droeshout engraving.

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How to understand key length limitations in MySQL at Xaprb
Apr 17, 2006. length is 999 bytes. Sometimes it says 999, sometimes 1000. . What happens to the indexes when you convert to multi-byte? If you drop and .

Conver number to words (thousands) help - Java - Bytes
Mar 20, 2010 . Get Java help and support on Bytes Support Forums. . I already have the program ( convert number to words but only 0-999 ). I need it to be .

Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 days, Second Edition -- Day 8 ...
005800 ACCEPT ENTRY-FIELD WITH CONVERSION. . 009200 IF NO-OF- PERIODS < 1 OR 009300 NO-OF-PERIODS > 999 009400 DISPLAY . When a variable is created by the compiler, it sets aside a number of bytes in memory that can .

Brueghel Children's Games  Brueghel. The Bay of Naples  Brueghel. The Temptation of St. Anthony.  Brueghel. The Archangel Michael.

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Net Speed Conversion Calculator
Small, simple data rate conversion calculator. Quickly and easily convert Kbps to Mbps and kB/s to MB/s.

William Shakespeare
Richard Barnfield
and the
Earl of Derby
Leo Daugherty

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A Hidden life sung
in a Hidden Song
Ian Steere

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Ian Steere

Cobol: Redefines in COBOL, pic s9, pic x
Jan 23, 2005 . To convert a PIC X(13) with this value to be able to test it in an arimethic expression... . The S9(8)V999 only uses 11 bytes of the 13. With the .

Convert byte to int - Java | DaniWeb
Convert byte to int. Have something to say? Contribute New Article. 1 Year Ago. 0 . Hi guys! Well I'll be quick, I just want to know how the formula below works.

Can uploaded tiff file be converted to jpeg before saving to disk ...
NET, though I could always run C# code through a converter). David. Reply . Length)) Dim byteArray As Byte() = storeStream.ToArray() .

The Magical Wonders of SAVE STATE HACKING - Page 1
Like change your lives from 3 to 99, your HP to 999, your gold pieces to the most you . You'll also need to get a calculator that can convert to hex, because you'll be . the hex values (also called bytes or offsets), and the junk you can ignore.

Conversion instructions in IL
The order of the bytes in ACCU1 in the word with the minor value or in the . is read as a three-digit BCD-number (±999) , is converted into an integral value (16 .

Converts a number of bytes to a shorter, more readable string ...
Converts a number of bytes to a shorter, more readable string representation : File Command « File Stream . if (bytes < 1000 * 1000) // 4-999 kb is printed in kb .

Beginning Tutor!
data step that converts the values of 999 to missing, without using . I EXAMPLE 1: CONVERTING 999 TO. I MISSING . byte, the syntax would be: ARRAY Q[50] .

Feb 16, 1994 . cl> rcardimage mtb1600 1-999 textfile en- ebc+. 4. Convert an odd-blocked (81 bytes per card) rcardimage file on tape to an IRAF text file by .

COBOL General discussion - Removing spaces form a Message
Dec 23, 2008 . I have a subroutine in COBOL which does three things with a string of up to 999 bytes: 1), converts the case to upper, lower or title (or no .

Commentaries on the Title page and Thorpe's Dedication are given at the head of  official rock you like hurricane tab or see i say love barbara lewis.

ISO 8583 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The bitmap may be transmitted as 8 bytes of binary data, or as 16 . 16, n 4, Date , conversion . b...999, LLLVAR binary field of up to 999 bytes in length .

How do you convert a string to a byte array and visa versa?
String has certain utilities to convert a string into a byte array and visa versa. . to verify that TSpaces can store very long arrays of byte. for ( int s = 1; s<999; s++) .


View topic - Use of atoi() :: AVR Freaks
3 days ago . With three bytes the maximum is "999"=999. Even if you send more bytes atoi() ( as the i in the name suggests) converts to an "int" output.

vxfsconvert - HP-UX
HP-UX Manual Page for: vxfsconvert (1m) -- convert a file system to a vxfs file . incorrect - fix (ynq)y fileset 999 au 0 imap incorrect - fix (ynq)y fileset 999 au 0 . of 1219K bytes required to complete the conversion To convert the file system, .

SQL Programming
All character functions support both single-byte and multi-byte characters. . (' 13.000,00', '99G999D99', 'nls_numeric_characters = ''.,''') TO_CHAR (sal, ' 9G999D99L', . The SQL function CONVERT allows for conversion of character data .

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ERROR [+5105] AllocBlock: Cannot allocate block data of 5000000 bytes . minimizing, and topologically sorting the fsm before converting to pfsg & htklat. Make sure . ERROR [+999] Components missing from Base Class list (4630 74080) .

function ind_resolve ( indices [*] : byte, short, integer or long, dsizes [*] : byte, short, . A list of indices into a one-dimensional array that was converted to a . all elements of "a" which are greater than 5 to -999. dim_ida = dimsizes(indices) npts .

Lecture 1.
4 consecutive 1-byte storage locations; provide 32 bits of range; 232, . conversion as discussed in Lecture 2; 4 bits can hold 16 different values 0 – F; 8 bits can . 20. 4+ digits. 0-65535. 4 digits. 0-9999. 16. 3+ digits. 0-4095. 3 digits. 0 -999. 12 .

Qt 4.7: QByteArray Class Reference
The QByteArray class provides an array of bytes. . The Unicode data is converted into 8-bit characters using QString::toAscii(). . E, format as [-]9.9E[+|-] 999 .





Henry and Emma

However, file systems with a fragment size of 512 bytes cannot be converted. The vxfsconvert utility . fileset 999 au 0 iemap incorrect - fix (ynq)y. corrupted CUT .

circa 1790

Advanced Pointers, Part II
Type casting is the ability to convert between different type variables. . However, x will have the value 1 since we have lost the upper byte of the integer. . find numbers between 100 and 999 } } void _main(void) { short int list[25]; // seed the .

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Reading COBOL Layouts - Data conversion services
Need to convert COBOL files? Request a . The following field is six bytes wide and has a "real decimal" in the file: 05 AMOUNT PIC . 05 AMOUNT PIC 999V99.



OpenBCM Mailbox convert.bcm ; ; Comment lines starting with ...
OpenBCM Mailbox convert.bcm ; ; Comment lines starting with ';' ; Max. line lenght without comment is 54 bytes, without comment 80! ; modes: . MID ALL WP 999 ~WP * WP 999 HROUT * WP 999 H-ROUT * WP 999 ~WHITE ~PAGE * WP 999 .


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PDL::Core - fundamental PDL functionality and vectorization/threading
Methods and functions for type conversions, PDL creation, type conversion, threading etc. . $foo = [[1,2,undef],[undef,3,4]]; $PDL::undefval = -999; $f = pdl $ foo; print $f [ [ 1 2 -999] [-999 3 4] ] . Returns the size of a piddle datatype in bytes.


Understanding Big and Little Endian Byte Order | BetterExplained
Sep 19, 2006 . In C, when you cast (convert) a pointer to certain type (such as a char . plug these numbers into the endian calculator it should give 999 for .

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OTN Discussion Forums : Converting a file in an array of bytes ...
As the title says, i need a way to convert a file (that exists somewhere in the filesystem) to an array of bytes (or a list of arrays of bytes if .


What does BINARY(4) mean in API documentation? - MidrangeWiki
Aug 5, 2008 . In RPG IV, there are two kinds of 4-byte binary number: the 10-digit integer or the . value that can be assigned to a 4-byte binary field is 999 999 999. . Also, see Barbara's excellent article on converting C prototypes to RPG .

Convert number to Binary? in C [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
Aug 26, 2010 . [Archive] Convert number to Binary? in C Programming Talk. . The sizeof operator yields the size of its operand in bytes, (C-bytes that is, which aren't always 8 bits wide). To get the . initial AboveValue = 99'999 = iNumber .

Wateen Wireless Broadband Internet Connection Charges
Jun 5, 2009 . 256 kb/sec costs Rs. 899. 512 kb/sec costs Rs. 999. 768 kb/sec costs Rs. 1099 [ This Package is now converted/migrated into 1MB/sec package] .


Binary Coded Decimal format.
Apr 27, 2011 . IEEEFPB Bytes are big endian format (this is the same as IEEEFP) . BCD and you'll need a format converter, and probably a protocol converter as well. . U999 (unsigned), 0 - 999 sounds like 3 digit BCD with a leading zero, .

COBOL Data Structures and Record Layouts for Data File Conversion
Quick Start, How to Create a Callable Conversion Routine . The length of P- TABLE-09S-10E appears to be nine (9) bytes. . 10 PIC-S99V999 pic S99V999.

VB Helper: HowTo: Format a BIG number of bytes in KB, MB, GB, TB ...
VB Helper: HowTo: Format a BIG number of bytes in KB, MB, GB, TB, etc. by using an . 2345="2.29 KB", ' 1234567="1.18 MB", etc ' b : double : numeric to convert . StrFormatByteSize formats this value as 999 KB (999 KB is actually 1022976, .



Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,

So do our minutes hasten to their end,

Each changing place with that which goes before

HIPAA 5010 Issues & Challenges: 837 Claims
Mar 22, 2012 . could be in the form of a 997/999 Acknowledgment, depending on the . Emdeon will default “9998” in the last 4 bytes on the Billing Provider . Emdeon will convert the ME-Milligrams to UN -Unit when going to 4010 payers.

Nativity, once in the main of light,

Crawls to maturity, wherewith, being crowned,

Crooked eclipses 'gainst his glory fight

objective c - How to get file size properly and convert it to MB, GB in ...
Oct 21, 2011 . But I can't a way properly convert number, and display it , as I want. . "11 kB" }, { 99499, "99 kB" }, { 99500, "100 kB" }, { 999499, "999 kB" } .

Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth,

And delves the parallels in beauty's brow,

Feeds on the rarities of natures truth,

And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow;

    And yet, to times, in hope, my verse shall stand,

Modbus RTU Data Conversion | Chipkin Automation Systems ...
Convert. We have module solutions which allow integration directly into Modbus . Move to change byte/word order: Handle the endianess of the remote system easily. . The FieldServer Modbus RTU driver does not impose the 999 limitation.



HTTP/1.1, part 5: Range Requests and Partial Responses
bytes 500-999/1234 . bytes=500-600601-999 bytes=500-700601-999 . Ongoing work on ABNF conversion (<>) : .

Free progressbar jpg Download - Progressbar jpg for Windows
4 999 Freeware 1.42 MB . 25 CardRecovery 5 902 Shareware 821.84 KB. A photo . Batch PSD to jpg is a free Adobe Photoshop PSD to jpg image converter.


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Second Version of encTEX: UTF-8 Support
The second version creates the possibility of converting the multi-byte sequences to one byte or to a control sequence. You can implement up to 256 UTF-8 codes as one byte and an unlimited . \uccode'Á='Á \lccode'Á='á \sfcode'Á=999 .

Formatted/list-directed/unformatted I/O
. FMT='(1X,A,I6)', END=999) ' i= ', i CONTROL LIST (UNIT=10, FMT='(1X,A,I6)', END=999) . 2) FORMATTED - Radix conversion (decimal-binary) and editing 3) . Numeric/character of size | unit, usually byte | unit, usually byte| storage unit .

Dicom Utilities
rec_convert - Convert Philips PAR/REC file into Analyze formats . Do not swap bytes for use on IBM PC compatibles (all Windows variants) or DEC systems. . It increments through multiple series until reaching 999 then resets to 1 and the .

Resumable Media Uploads in the Google Data Protocol - Google ...
POST /feeds/upload/create-session/default/private/full?convert=false . docs. Content-Length: 1000 Content-Range: 0-999/1000 <bytes 0-999> .

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3. Advanced Topics — Py4J
Converting Python collections to Java Collections; 3.5. . l and not a view so a change in l2 does not affect l [999, u'hello'] >>> del(l[0]) >>> l [u'hello', 3] . If from Java, you return a byte[], Py4J will convert the byte[] to a bytearray (Python 2.x) or .


uvhd.c - binary file investigation utility written in ANSI C */ /* - this is ...
. at __ bytes of __ filesize */ /*May19/11 - fix index not working fileptr > 2.1 gig, . etc) */ /* - convert 999 to 999999999 */ /*Nov25/10 - consider write option d in .

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999=. ; run; data a; INFORMAT a b infm. ; INPUT a b; cards; 99 34 23 999 9 82 . However $CHARw. does not trim leading blanks nor does it convert a single . fact that some bit combinations in the IEEE eight-byte, double-precision standard .


UTR #22: Character Mapping Tables
Data can be converted first to Unicode and then into the eventual target encoding . . Unless followed by another byte of the right form, it is illegal. . should be reflected in the <name_from_source>, e.g. "cp999", "cp999_RTL", "cp999_LTR".

Reading, writing and parsing binary data in Ruby
Oct 1, 2011 . Returns the number of bytes required for the binary data . For user defined types , the class name is converted from . class FooList < BinData::Array default_parameter :initial_length => 999 foo :bar => "baz" end array .

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HTTP Status Codes
We converted all of our Photo Albums to Google Picasa. . 999. 10 Status Code Definitions Each Status-Code is described below, including a . response, or a multipart/byte ranges Content-Type including Content-Range fields for each part.

MODIS Data - Tutorial 4: Gridding 1 km Sea Ice Data Over the Ross ...
This works out to about 9 deg * 111 km/deg / (1 km/cell) = 999 cells in latitude = 999 rows. . One binary byte file is created per call containing the channel data. . for converting latitude, longitude pairs to column, row pairs for a particular grid.

Convert kilogram per (square yard) to other surface density ...
Select a surface density conversion table with which to. Convert .

The VideoLAN Forums • View topic - [SOLVED] Question about VLC m4a ...
Apr 16, 2011 . But this Shuffle can only play m4a files when the 4 byte method is . I've also tried converting files to m4a using VLC. . bat999: Blank Cone .

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Convert A Char* To String | Using C-Sharp
String : Format Datas And Convert Char To Byte . Convert A Byte To Hex String . string myString = "F,1.07,-0.50,-999,-999,P,Hole,F,1.47,-0.49,-999,-999,P .
Mar 5, 1990 . If user inputs ; calling procedure's job to convert hours to degrees if needed. ; Since the . The ; vector [-999,-999] is returned if there has been an error. ; . Get the byte values for the characters in the input string. ; BCoords .

Bits, bytes, and representation of information Encoding sound
letters are converted into numbers when you type on a keyboard . 998 999. 3 decimal digits … • decimal numbers are shorthands for sums of powers of 10 .

Henry and Emma

FORMAT number column as 999999 : COLUMN « SQL PLUS ...
Conversion Functions. 16. . 3 First_Name VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), . 9 Description VARCHAR2(15 BYTE) 10 ) 11 / . SQL> COLUMN Salary FORMAT 999,999 .

circa 1790

46 - - Solved Errors Full Solution. Error occurred while converting the PowerPoint presentation into Live Meeting .

windows ce downloads in Calculators & Converters freeware - Best ...
Converber requires approximately 999 kB of drive space, after installed ( excluding . User friendly FREE Windows Utility to easily convert between 582 units of .




Conversion of types between PHP and Java
Explains how PHP types are converted to and from Java™ Types by XAPI. . because PHP5 permits any arbitrary sequence of bytes to be stored in a PHP String. . createArray(); int[][] integerArray = { { 123, 456, 999 }, { 1, 2, 3 } }; array.

circa 1790
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17. MESSAGES Most error messages have an associated error ...
After a possible 1000 is subtracted off, the remainder lies in the range 0-999. . The type of the expression is converted implicitly to the type of the function. o . The rules of C only allow for taking the address of a whole byte (a whole char).


convert 999 to bytes Winter's Glow

Compatibility with RM/COBOL
To convert an RM/COBOL application and make it suitable for input to this COBOL system: . This COBOL system always allocates the same number of bytes to a data item as in the original program, but might . PIC 999 COMP VALUE 123 .

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DTE( ) function - PxPlus Documentation
Convert Numeric Date: DTE(jul_date[,time][:fmt$][,ERR=stmtref]). 2. Convert . %k , Milliseconds, 0-999, 0-999, 0-999, 000-999. %A, Year . ProvideX returns a 1- byte binary value if the second letter is p (for compatibility with other languages).



WordPress › Support » [Plugin: WPSMF - WordPress to SMF] Bug in ...
By the way, i redid my entire blog conversion to SMF for my 4050 posts and i . to convert all 4050 posts, but the conversion is only possible by converting 999 . Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 65798144) (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in .

Constructing dense and sparse matrices with Matlab
You can view a full version by converting using the full function. . Name Size Bytes Class Attributes Lfull 999x999 7984008 double Lsparse 999x999 39940 .

Old Organizers Collection - Noname models
Released in, 1992, Made in, China, Memory, 32746 bytes (32 KB) . Phone book, Schedule, Home/world clock, Metric/currency/metric conversion, 10-digit calculator . The K-999 provides 4x more memory and a 6-language translator.

SAS Formats: Effective and Efficient
conversion, data presentation and data summarization, resulting in efficient, . hexadecimal representation, we do not see 'NESUG', rather, the five bytes appear as '4E 45 53 55 47'. . 9999999999<-19999999999 = '9-999-999-9999' other .



SystemTime to VariantTime with Milliseconds - CodeProject®
Feb 9, 2007 . Enhanced system time / variant time conversion with milliseconds; Author: . A variant time is stored as an 8-byte real value (double), representing . nearest millisecond if (milliseconds < 1.0 || milliseconds > 999.0) //Fractional .

A#: 6808 P&S# 6378 Date: April 1, 2009 To: ALL PARTICIPANTS ...
Apr 1, 2009 . The field length will include 1 additional byte (change from a 2 byte field to a 3 byte field). • The new field values will be 000 through 999 and .

LightStream 2020 Installation Guide - StreamView Output Sample ...
usr/OV/bin/ls_bin/cli_startup.xterm, 999 bytes, 2 tape blocks x LSMIN/. . Xt Warning: Cannot convert string "helvr08" to type FontStruct Warning: Cannot allocate .

see DTMF-Paging spec - APRS
Although text messages were usualy constrained to 6 or 12 byte strings, they can be . any APRS traffic converted to DTMF, or any DTMF data from other radios. . Then we have defined several group codes 990 to 999 for the several types of .

How do I convert a SID between binary and string forms? - The Old ...
Mar 15, 2004 . bbbbbb, (six bytes of "b" treated as a 48-bit number in big-endian format) . The system reserves RIDs up to 999, so the first non-builtin account .

Web Syntax Coloring | Joe Maller
Apr 5, 2007 . code.html span.comment { color: #999;} code.html span.tag { color: #07f . of this is the weight of the code, the above 721 bytes of CSS converts .


Changing SEG-Y coordinate units using SIOSEIS
Jun 21, 2011 . SEG-Y Rev 1 specifies four coordinate units (short word 45, bytes . SIOSEIS process header may be used to convert arcseconds to decimal degrees. . lno 9999999 ftr 0 ltr 999 indices l3 i36 i45 end end end **** 0 ERRORS .

Winrar 4.00 Final (32bit-64bit)-dm999 Torrent - Seedpeer
Mar 8, 2011 . WinRAR can convert other archive formats to RAR and search for specified text and . text Torrent downloaded from, 47 Byte .

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Nuance PDF Converter Professional v.7.0 - Complete Product - 1 ...
Overview and specifications of the Nuance PDF Converter Professional v.7.0 . 1 (888) 999-4747 English/Español . For hard drives, 1GB=1 billion bytes.

After a call to SetLength, valid array indexes are 0 to 999: the array index is always . Note that the length of the array is set in elements, not in bytes of allocated . However, it is possible to convert a normal array to a bitpacked array with the .

OpenAdaptor APIs: Class DateTimeHolder
. and it also has methods for converting to and from a standard text form (used when serialising . Subsecond values - 000 to 999 . protected byte, _seconds .

HP-41 Info
Digits: 10 Data-Types-and-Sizes: real, 7 bytes, high nybble of 0 or 9 alpha, . 000 -999 Program-Editing: insert Program-Display: alpha User-RAM-Bytes: 560 . CLX clear x CL\GS clear summation registers COS cosine D-R convert degrees to .


[Equest-users] eQUEST: .FMT to .BIN weather conversion
Dec 30, 2011. and TMY 13-18 Weather Data Year (Enter -999 if unknown) 19-24 Time Zone . I'm in the process of converting actual weather data for an M&V model . Name: thomasv.vcf Type: text/x-vcard Size: 308 bytes Desc: Card for .

That is, convert a numeric value in the range 0..9 to the ASCII code for the . Byte and word data types are chosen more often than any other since the 80x86 . dw 985988990993995996998999 dw 999,1000,1000,1000,999999998996 dw .


Slony-I: Replication system for PostgreSQL / PostgreSQL Extension ...
This Release: Slony-I 2.0.999; Date: 2011-05-31; Status: Stable; Other Releases . If you use replication for a one-time conversion, there is a risk of failure due to the issues . like this: Invalid UNICODE byte sequence detected near byte .

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java equivalent function of c atoi() function
Oct 22, 2003. function behaves the same as c function atoi() which converts strings to integer equivalent ? . "lonelyplanet999" <> wrote in message news: om... > Hi, > . see also. Byte.parseByte(String) Long.parseLong(String) Float.

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510(k) SUMMARY: 0GT I5 I999 kqmia'//9
510(k) SUMMARY: 0GT I5 I999 kqmia'//9. “This summary of 510(k) . Analog to digital conversion. Digital integration. 40 per second. 8 bit byte. 2 seconds to 2 .

convert 999 to bytes enlargment is still available : click recursive running average filter.



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Seven segment display explained | YourITronics
May 30, 2009 . For the display data I used 4 byte buffer from which the interrupt reads and . uses this method to convert 16bit signed value into display compatible string. . I once need 3 seven segment LEDs to count to 999 for a project.




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Creating a Second-Level Bootloader for FLASH Bootloading on ...
1K byte, a custom boot routine will need to be developed to copy the additional sections of . secondary bootloader by converting a RAM-based application to a .

Rippers & Converting Software -
Results 1 - 10 of 999 . Free to try (999). By Category. Rippers & Converting Software (999) . Convert video to audio and audio to audio in format of MP3, WMA, .

Map file format - OpenTom
Sep 7, 2010 . /Earth-1.00-1/E999.00000N99.99999-E999.00000N99.99999/ . 0xde */ int length /* length of the following data (excluding type and length field) in bytes . There is a converter from openstreetmap data to the geo-planet file .

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ComCap - RS232 Serial Data Capture and TCP/IP and UDP ...
Data from up to 999 serial ports and network streams can be captured simultaneously . Capture from serial device servers that 'convert' serial port data to network . The minimum recommended PC is a Pentium III with 128 Mbytes of memory.


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