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the Geometry of Chomp - Cornell Mathematics - Cornell University
(as well as variants of the game of Nim) as prototypes, we discover that the game . follows from elementary geometry that the density of lines per unit y is m- .

Best of the Blog | Let's Play Math!
PK-1st Grade – Middle Elementary – Grades 5+Up – Algebra & Beyond; How & Why (understanding math): . I like to use games as a warm-up at Math Club meetings. . Euclid's Game on a Hundred Chart · Math Club Nim · Game: Tens Concentration · The Game that Is Worth . Algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and more…

Let's Play Math! | Math is a game, playing with ideas.
4 days ago . Elementary Concepts: As Liping Ma showed, there is more to . We would love to hear your favorite math club games, numerical investigations, or contest- preparation tips. Beginning Algebra and Geometry: Can you explain why we never . like the fractal pop-up card and the game of Nim, but the students .

On the geometry of combinatorial games: A renormalization approach
the IN-sheet structures for Chomp, Nim, and 3-D Wythoff's game. P-positions1 of the . computed from elementary geometry to be .1C?/ 1. The density of the .

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Interactive Mathematics Activities
Interactive Mathematics Activities for Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Probability, Logic, Mathmagic, Optical Illusions, Combinatorial games and Puzzles.


nim games in elementary geometry math amazing web site of Shakespeare's sonnets

High School Math & Logic Games |
There are numerous games available online for teaching high school math and . a variation of the game of Nim, one of the oldest mathematical games, and a . the knowledge gained from simple lessons learned in elementary geometry.

promising students in math of elementary schools are assigned with a special task in a . prospective teachers on the basis of the complicated task of space geometry . Figure 2: Task to pose modified problems for NIM game-Problem Level 1 .

Memory and Matching
Arithmetic, Probability, Combinatorics, Social Science, Outline (Fill-it In) Mathematics. Algebra, Visual Illusions, Combinatorial Games, Elementary Geometry .

Two Player Mathematical Games - Combinatorial Games ...
The thing was first analyzed in 1901 by C.L. Bouton, an associate professor of mathematics at Harvard University who gave the game its modern name: "Nim".

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Shakespeare. Droeshout engraving. Shakespeare. Droeshout engraving.

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Second Grade Math Activities |
Our second grade math activities help make learning fun all year long. . Second Grade Math activities to help show your child the fun side of learning! . All Sub- Topics, Addition, Fractions, Geometry, Measurement, Money, Multiplication, Place Value, Probability & Data, Rounding & Estimation . The Game of Nim. This is a .

Keepin' up on Math Skills over Break
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics . More Knowledge of How Children Learn Math · Elementary Math Methods Revisited . Game of Nim PDFImage .

500-level courses, or 7xx-I courses - USC: Department of Mathematics
525 — Mathematical Game Theory. (3) (Prereq: MATH 526 or 544) Two-person zero-sum games, minimax theorem, . 533 — Elementary Geometric Topology. . in certain combinatorial games such as Nim, Hackenbush, and Domineering.

Brueghel Children's Games  Brueghel. The Bay of Naples  Brueghel. The Temptation of St. Anthony.  Brueghel. The Archangel Michael.

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Resources for Teachers - Middletown Township Public Schools
Information from the NJ State Department of Education – MATH/SCIENCE . Great Geometry Site -; Divisibility Rules . The Game of Nim - . Curricular Exchange Math Elementary - html; Math .

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Research combinatorial games using the game of Nim as an ...
Nim is a two-player mathematical game of strategy in which players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps. On each turn, a player must remove at least .

Bennett-Nelson/Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: An Activity ...
1.2 Geometric Number Patterns 8. Just for Fun . Ideas for the Elementary Classroom 19. Suggested . Just for Fun - Mind Reading Cards and the Game of Nim .

On the Geometry of Combinatorial Games: A renormalization ...
for 2-D Wythoff's game, and Nim and its generalizations – and show how it explains existing . As a mathematical tool, renormalization has enjoyed great success in virtually . Wx can be computed from elementary geometry to be (1 + ?)?1.

EPGY Summer Institutes - Course Offerings
A mix of economics, recreational gaming, and pure mathematics, the field balances the . situations, and how to win popular recreational games such as Nim. . Prerequisite(s) Completion of courses in algebra and geometry. . standard math curriculum, including combinatorics, number theory, and elementary group theory.

Elementary Math Club Activities |
In completing the craft, students will learn about the geometric properties of . Games like tic tac toe, nim and checkers are good choices for a math related game .

Lesson Plans | National Association of Math Circles
Contest Geometry, This hand out lists many results from geometry that are . Easy problems for beginning elementary school students, Warm-Up Mr. and Mrs. Boo . Game of Nim, This math circle lesson intends to develop, through the use of .

The Math Forum - Math Library - High
High school math software for algebra, geometry, and vectors - includes a . Middle School Madness and Elementary Brain Teaser -- all available in " challenge" mode. . variants of Nim, such as Wythoff's Nim; One-Pile and Take- Away games; .

SPACS Elementary Schools -- Apple II Software Listing
SPACS Elementary and Middle Schools Apple II Software .

Commentaries on the Title page and Thorpe's Dedication are given at the head of  car alarm with current sensing or see dustless hardwood floor system.

Material leftover from the Introductory Course
Presentation: e, exponential and geometric series. 2. Nim (the subtraction game). 2.1. Nim: Rules; 2.2. Nim: Strategery; 2.3. Nim: a working but fragile version .

Understanding Fundamental Ideas in Mathematics at a Deep
Mathematics is often taught in elementary school as a set of algorithms without . Fortunately, there are plenty of arithmetic and geometric problems that motivate the need for . Single Pile Nim Games, and Bouton's Nim, Puppies and Kittens .

JANUARY 2004 :: Mathematics Enrichment :: Meet the Nim Family
What is the justification for the use of games in mathematics lessons? . To illustrate some of the points I will focus on the game of Nim its relatives. . an enormous number of such games which support work in number, algebra and geometry, .

Curriculum - Programming Camp 2012
Curriculum. Advanced Division. Topic, Description, Trainer.

Math Hombre: Games
I love games in general, but also in math class. . Area Block, area, Strategy game that's a little like Blokus and a little like Nim. . (geometry transformations, puzzle reasoning); Mastermind (deduction game extraordinaire); Quirkle . learning games, including a download for elementary math games with cards ( link to PDF).

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MTH 930 P Workshop in Calculus htm . Discrete Math games This . site for elementary or middle school students, whereby 2 players roll rice and . GAME OF NIM Based on the binary .

Guidelines for the Mathematical Preparation of Elementary Teachers
Geometry & Measurement 13 . Elementary teachers are the front line of mathematics education, preparing students, parents, workers, and future teachers across the Commonwealth for . Analyze and propose a strategy for the game of NIM.

Joseph Malkevitch's Home Page
Oct 23, 2011 . My mathematical interests include geometry (polytopes, graph theory, tilings, etc.) . and discrete mathematics can be presented even in elementary school. . although I will do a bit with combinatorial games such as nim, etc.

Courses | Middlebury
This is an alternative first mathematics course for students not pursuing the calculus sequence . Topics include descriptive statistics, elementary distributions for data, . Introductory vector analysis, analytic geometry of three dimensions, partial . Students will play games (including nim, hex, dots-and- boxes, clobber, and .





Henry and Emma

The Game of Nim, November 2009, Math Club Talk, NDSU. 10. . Mathematics at West Fargo High, Geometry Bridge Project, February 2006, Poster Presen- . Math Fair Workshop at Longfellow Elementary School - Spring 2008, Spring 2007.

circa 1790

View Book | Excursions into Mathematics: The Millenium Edition
Apr 12, 2011 . MathDL - The MAA Mathematical Sciences Digital Library . Econometrics, Elementary Geometry, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary . explanation of why the binary analysis of the remarkable game of Nim works and a .

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Chomp is a game played on a partially ordered set P with smallest element 0. . that of subspaces of PG(n,2), the n-dimensional projective geometry over the field . also mentioned in Halmos' problem book [10], with a very elementary discussion. . Math. Monthly 81 (1974) 876-879. [2a] D. Gale, A curious Nim- type game, .



Emerson Elementary - Web Math Links
Emerson Elementary Home Page . Math Games, Worksheets and Movies . The Nim Number Game . Math Activities Geometry .


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Hundred Chart Nim « Let's Play Math!
Nov 12, 2007 . tags: Addition, Arithmetic, Elementary school, Games, Math club, Mental . Nim is a traditional folk game of uncertain origin (similar games are .


Math Web Sites
. Self-Help; Mathematical Tools; Consumer Math; Economics; Algebra; Geometry . and Statistics; Trigonometry Sites; Math Games; Math Teacher's Information .

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Links - St Brigid's School Collie
The Game of Nim - play online three different levels of difficulty . everything to basic facts and rounding numbers to square roots, algebra and geometry. . to all kinds of Math activities, games, puzzles and more for elementary-aged children.


Maths Links
Rainforest Maths - This is a Fantastic site with lots of interactive games for K- 6. Peter McMannis Great site . All i-Maths are built around interactive math applets, and some also include video clips. . for those who know some geometry. . Colourful Maths, Hotel Infinity, all suitable for Elementary school. . The Game of Nim .

academics, mathematics, math, prealgebra, algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, . tutoring program, and rock-paper-scissors and Nim number games. . problem-solving skills and thorough analysis of elementary functions.

Nextu - Calculation Nation
To place your pieces on the game board and capture your opponent's pieces so that . With geometry surrounding us, parents and teachers can foster understanding by . ways to ensure that elementary students master the basic skills necessary to . Students use math strategy to play variations of the classic math game, Nim.


Pflugerville ISD :: Online Curriculum :: Math
Math Games (great for math stations) . Game of NIM (Logic and Reasoning) . Fractions, Geometry, Measurement, Patterns/Equations, and Extra Skills) .

Teaching Resouces
Goal #2 states, "Higher education will join elementary and secondary education to improve . Math Continuum - Games and practice for number, geometry, algebra, and probability/statistics. . Game of NIM - Three rows - just checkmarks .

Fibonacci Nim - ISTEM: Lesson Plan Detail
Lesson 2 - Static Nim; View URL . In the second lesson, students learn the most basic of Nim games, Static Nim . Mathematics; Discrete Math; Geometry .



Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,

So do our minutes hasten to their end,

Each changing place with that which goes before

Math Forum: Orlando Meetings: Presentation Summary
Some Real Mathematics for Elementary Education Majors . important knowledge and conveying insight about elementary arithmetic and geometry and . Investigate two-person perfect-information games, like Nim and Chomp, and determine .

Nativity, once in the main of light,

Crawls to maturity, wherewith, being crowned,

Crooked eclipses 'gainst his glory fight

A Natural Desire to Learn - Synergy Learning - Article Archives
Games and puzzles take advantage of children's natural desire to learn, . They require us to think logically, to examine patterns in number or geometry . Although the language may be informal, introducing the ideas in the elementary years will . foster critical thinking in mathematical learning: NIM. The first two games are .

Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth,

And delves the parallels in beauty's brow,

Feeds on the rarities of natures truth,

And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow;

    And yet, to times, in hope, my verse shall stand,

A Study of the Effects of Verbalization on Concept Formation in ...
. A Study of the Effects of Verbalization on Concept Formation in Mathematics. . exponents, marker games, geometry, and One Pile Nim) were prepared and taught to a random selection of 118 preservice elementary education majors.



Math Bookstore On The Web from Interactive Mathematics ...
Math Bookstore On The Web. Years ago, through the .

The shell is beautiful, its shape a mathematical curve, and can be obtained from . and geometry as it builds up to infinite sequences, infinite series, derivatives, and . do math that the teacher had never seen; learn math games (like Nim, Sprouts, . would be interested in an elementary application of differential equations.


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Collector's Problem Math Miracles Math Strategies
? in the Sky accepts materials on any subject related to math- ematics or its . and then play a game of Nim where base two math will be a powerful tool!

Home - Math
I Know That Math Games Leons Math Dojo Math Baseball Math Fact Cafe Math Game . Aunty Math Let's Do Math Leon's Math Stories Magic Squares The Nim Number Game . Numbers Illuminations Shapes Geometry Activities Math Continuum . Little Twelve Toes Elementary, My Dear Four Legged Zoo Lucky Seven .

Trick, Games and puzzles with Matches
at least one (No. 18) requires the knowledge of elementary number theory. . them for puzzles. The earliest published puzzle I can find is in Recreations Mathematiques by the . 13. Nine squares. In addition to geometric problems, matches can be used to propose and solve . This one is called Parity Nim. Put 25 matches in .

Math Page
Resources address elementary and secondary topics in numbers/operations, . King Math: Math activities for math beginners, fractions, geometry, and more . Jefferson Lab Games Index gr1-5 inequalities, place value, nim, coordinates, .

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what resources would help someone understand Game Theory ...
Nov 22, 2011 . Please note that my knowledge of math proofs is little to none. . Do you mean combinatorial game theory (Nim, etc.) . If you haven't worked with proofs or elementary set theory in a while, you should get reacquainted with .


Table of Contents of Resources
Jun 3, 2011 . National Mathematics and Scientific Organizations . Game of Hex · Nim Games . Elementary Number Theory . Japanese Temple Geometry (Sangaku) .

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. L. PATTERSON. The calculus and geometry problem sets alluded to in this essay can be found at . and a math course for future elementary school teachers . Calculus and the . game of Nim gives rise to a nonstandard base-2 arithmetic.


number game - Britannica Online Encyclopedia
any of various puzzles and games that involve aspects of mathematics. . They may involve arithmetic, algebra, geometry, theory of numbers, graph theory, topology . Soma Cubes; Coloured squares and cubes; Nim and similar games . 3 (“m is greater than three”) and the operational symbols used in elementary algebra.

List of important publications in mathematics - Wikipedia, the free ...
Description: In mathematics, algebraic geometry and analytic geometry are . since many of the more elementary and foundational results were relegated to EGA. . values of games and also some real games that can be played such as Nim, .

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About « Delta Epsilons
Akhil Mathew is a senior interested in various areas of mathematics, ranging from algebraic geometry to analysis. At RSI, he researched representation theory .

American Mathematical Monthly
Jan 30, 2012 . Table of contents for issues of American Mathematical Monthly . Barry Hayes and Donald E. Knuth and Carlos Subi Elementary problem E3267, a solitaire game . . Kenneth R. Meyer The geometry of harmonic oscillators . . 457--465 . Kenneth B. Stolarsky From Wythoff's Nim to Chebyshev's inequality .

CoolStuff Seminar - Summer 2008 Abstracts
The talk will be mostly elementary: no knowledge of algebraic geometry will be assumed. . I will begin by solving the game Nim. . As an antidote to all those serious math seminars we've had recently, I'll talk about some frivolous but I hope .

Title (Units): MATH 1670 RECREATIONAL MATHEMATICS (3,3,0 ...
. of tackling various games and puzzles using elementary yet powerful mathematical concepts such as . how to dissect games of varied structures and formats in order to develop winning strategies. . Able to apply pigeon-hole principle to some problems in geometry, counting puzzles, card . strategies, such as NIM. 8 .

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For enlargement of the Wood Nymph click why is alexandrite a birthstone

Games and Puzzles Journal, Archive
Mathematical Games: Morris, Hypercube, Ringing the changes, Battle of numbers, Nim, Nimmity, Leapfrog, Circular board, Fanorona, L-game. . Geometry: Triangular billiards, Star points, Cross point, 4-gon conclusion, Centres of a triangle . Clock words, Dart words, Elementary words, Are you game?, Pronounceable .

Michigan Section - Mathematical Association of America
Starting with geometry, we analyze symmetries of objects. . Mathematical games for fun and profit (Almost everyone has analyzed the game of . We will study some more complex games, such as Nim, Chomp, Split, and Sprouts, and the . The proof of Hero's formula involves some interesting elementary algebra and .

Peer Review
Reviewed: May 27, 2003 by Mathematics . content areas are Games and Puzzles, Arithmetic/Algebra, Geometry, and Probability; these are . In addition, there is an excellent collection of links to other math resources with . The Hot Game of Nim . The simpler topics in Arithmetic are suitable for Elementary/ Middle school .;jsessionid=2576694496B31129335896E5730FFA73?material=78198

Henry and Emma

05: Combinatorics
Jan 14, 2000 . This is the area of mathematics in which we study families of sets . This includes numerous quite elementary topics, such as . three points), which suggests the connection with finite geometries. . Combinatorial games such as Nim are ( somewhat incongruously) included in 90D: Game theory (90DXX).

circa 1790

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: An Activity Approach, 5/e ... An activity for discovering . In the Games and Puzzles section, play the game of Nim against the computer. . Select Geometry from the left column for across-the-grades standards.

2011 - 2012 Elementary Mathematics Handbook Brevard Public ...
Elementary Mathematics Handbook. Brevard Public Schools . Geometry and Measurement: measure and compare and . Nim Stick Strategy Game, pp. 42- 45 .




Integrating Educational Software
The Graph Club, Mighty Math Carnival Countdown . Description: This software tool has been designed to help lower elementary grade students develop the ability to read . Rockets--the game of Poison (also called Nim) . Hidden Picture Puzzles--similar to tangrams (fitting geometric shapes together into another shape) .

circa 1790
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game under normal play is equivalent to a single Nim heap of some size. Background . 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary: 91A46 . Readers unfamiliar with polyhedra can find an elementary expo- sition of the . Much of the framework here will depend on the geometry and algebra of affine semigroups for .


nim games in elementary geometry math Winter's Glow

Puzzle Archive
Puzzle 125: A mathematical shield (2011) bulb. Apr-May . May-June 08: Geometry of the bees bulb . Feb 03: Elementary, my dear. . How to win at Nim game .

circa 1913
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Games played by Boole and Galois
Discrete Applied Mathematics archive. Volume 156 Issue 4, .



Johan Wästlund
Talk on Games, optimization and phase transitions in the workshop/school on . at the conference Fourth Colloquium on Mathematics and Computer Science, . Sequences and games generalizing the combinatorial game of Wythoff Nim). . the stack-pack strategy, Discrete and Computational Geometry 29: 625-631 ( 2003).

Math - Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher
Math Games at · More Math Games at Math Games, Puzzles, & Numbers From Throughout the World and History Several Games .

The New Math Seminar
Students, adjuncts and faculty are welcome to help us build a math community! . As an observer of a Geometry class that is directed towards early/elementary . 1/28: Christine von Renesse: The Game(s) Nim and Northscott's Game.

Alltop - Top Math News
Get all our new math tips and games: Subscribe in a reader, or get updates by Email. . I wrote this for an event that occured last week about fractal geometry with the amazing Prof. . Grade school kids who learned about fractions through a . like the fractal pop-up card and the game of Nim, but the students voted to do a .



25 Super Cool Math Board Games : Easy-To-Play Reproducible Games That Teach Eseential Math Skills by . Addison Wesley Secondary Math : Focus on Geometry/With Cd Rom . Creating Nim Games (Math Project Series) . Discovering the Magic of Math (An Upper Elementary and Junior High Teaching Manual) . Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction ...
Mathematics and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . Nim Sudo - See all my reviews . to mathematics could be just that; elementary arithmetic and geometry, or it . Try thousands of apps and games right now .

Great Websites | Googol Learning
Interactive activities and math games: online calculator, base 10 blocks, moveable Cuisenaire rods, grids, charts, clocks, fractions, time geometry, graphs and .

May 10, 2010 . the game of Wythoff Nim, adjoin some new generalized diagonal move, . This geometrical observation has motivated us to ask the following intu- . proof, since it only uses an elementary inductive argument. . [Fra82]. A.S. Fraenkel, How to beat your Wythoff games' opponent on three fronts,. Amer. Math.

Discrete Math Problem Solving for Middle School Students
Apr 10, 2008 . Games. Combinatorics. Elementary counting problems. Permutations . middle- school math, and geometry is used to introduce proofs (though .

Intuition – Based Teaching Mathematics for Engineers
veloped mathematical theory of Nim game underlain by the binary number system. . course, students get elementary understanding of a limit re- lated to infinite geometric sequences: If in a sequence Sn = a. +aq + aq2 + …+ aqn the number .


Grade 3-5 - Indiana State University: Bayh College of Education
203, Math in the Real World of Design & Art: Geometry, Measurements, and . 207, Elementary Math Teacher's Book of Lists, Helton, Sonia M. & Micklo, . 260, Creating NIM Games: Math Project Series, Pfeiffer, Sherron, K-8, Teacher Res.

Free Algebra Rebus Puzzles - Super Shareware
Games - Puzzles, Shareware, $14.95, 631.5 KB .

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Mathematical Problem Solving for Elementary School Teachers ...
opment of a mathematics course aimed at elementary education majors. The course had its inception in an aü . Students should also understand the basics of analytic geometry: graphing functions, linear and . 6.6 StillAnother Nim Game .

TSM Resources - Mathematics Links
My Maths Revision activities (Alan Jackson, CTC, Birmingham) - now a subscription site, but . Nearly 300 applets, mostly on geometry, trigonometry and calculus => NETHERLANDS . Fractals (elementary/middle schools) by Cynthia Lanius, Rice University (Houston) Mathematically . Top Marks - fun and games - NIM .

Dr. Nim Manual
Perhaps the hardest game for you to wia would tie the * case with the . NIM is a "binary digital Cemjiruler" specially tlesignetl to play the game of . elementary che like DR. Hihi er a . 3- Prove complicated theorems in mathematics better than most . several geometrical shapes placed at varying orientati-'hns in and .

September Grade 5
diagrams Elementary and Middle School Mathematics – John VanDeWalle ( EMSM . Games; Grapes of Math; various decimal activities with Base 10 blocks and money . Geometry. 2.a.b. Locate & give the coordinates in the first quadrant of a . Binder; Game: Nim (RMN 5.3); Nimble Numbers (RMN Vol 3.4); Magical .


B Nim, A Game with a Complete Mathematical Theory. 239 . gebra, geometry, and arithmetic played minor roles in most of the problems we addressed. . gle, the small rectangles being really squares, and we work out by elementary .

Computational Complexity: Getting an 8-year old interested in math ...
Apr 12, 2007 . Computational Complexity and other fun stuff in math and computer . I remember being preoccupied with the following construction in elementary school: "Alice is as tall as Bob. . "Half" is sort of a visual/geometric notion. . Reduced in this manner, the game is much simpler than Nim as Bill describes.


The Mathematics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and Islam: A Sourcebook . It is packed with curiosities, fragments of elementary mathematics which lift the . the game of nim, Napoleon's theorem in geometry, the falling ladder problem, .

nim games in elementary geometry math enlargment is still available : click becoming jane screen savers.



T&C | Math Games
The term 'Math Games' or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owner of the website. The term ' you' refers to the user or viewer of our website. The use of this website is .

nim games in elementary geometry math enlargment is still available : click driving school in el sobrante.

Math Club Nim | Let's Play Math!
Jul 19, 2007 . Nim is a favorite game at our math club meetings, but it is like Tic-Tac-Toe in that once you know the trick, you can usually win (unless the other .

nim games in elementary geometry math enlargment is still available : click a friend for all seasons.



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Doug Meade's Home Page -- Part II
Math 242 (Elementary Differential Equations). Miscellaneous Maple . Analytic, Geometric, and Numeric Analysis of the Shrinking Circle and Sphere Prob lems .




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Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
It is fun to do, is often geometry based, and can stimulate . games and general play, and progressively develop these ideas in more complicated settings and more . For example, elementary school students should be able to make a list of all . Similarly, playing games like Nim, dots and boxes, and dominoes becomes a .

How to Teach Your Own Liberal Arts Mathematics Course
Mathematicians” course that began by analyzing the game of NIM. The topic was . ble to liberal arts students: Euclidean geometry, and elementary probability .

Reorganizing School Mathematics for Quantitative Literacy
Geometry-Algebra rush to calculus model with one which focuses on improving student problem-solving . specifically, the ability and habit of mind to use elementary mathematical tools to . Similarly, to win at the game NIM, students need to .

Dena Morton
I have been researching mathematical games and the combinatorics of words with . Our second paper, Periodicity and Other Structure in a Family of Nim-Like Arrays . Carroll, I was an active participant in the Cleveland Geometry-Topology seminar. . Since arriving at Xavier, I have taught multiple sections of Elementary .

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Teaching with the Internet
A nice location to set up a weekly question related to math history that will help . A simple interactive game, originally called Nim, with a hidden trick. . for my class each week from Brain Teasers or The Elementary Problem of the Week.


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